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3D aerial survey

We use UAV’s (drones) and computer vision software to generate 3D geometric survey data of a site or landscape. Our UAV pilots have undergone organizational training and are fully insured.

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3D documentation

Using digital cameras, laser scanners and the latest in computer vision software, we generate highly realistic 3D models of cultural heritage artefacts and objects

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Virtual Reality

Generation of 3D content for incorporation into VR platforms. Allowing a fully immersive experience of cultural heritage

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Augmented Reality

Our 3D data can be incorporated into AR platforms. The results have to be seen to be believed!

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Additional services

We have a few more strings to our bow! We offer 360-degree video/photography, Projection Mapping and RTI surveying.

What we do

EQNX digital provides a 3D documentation and visualization service for the digital preservation of our shared cultural heritage.

Our innovative workflow utilizes the latest developments in reality capture technology to generate visually stunning 3D representations of cultural heritage sites and objects. Our service utilizes UAV’s (drones), Leica laser scanners and high-end digital cameras to capture highly accurate & photorealistic 3D data. What makes our service truly innovative is our ambition to reexamine the ways in which society interacts with its heritage. We do this by working closely with our partners in the fields of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D printing and projection mapping. Equinox aims to create a highly interactive, educational and engaging experience for the end user.

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