September 14, 2016

Additional services

Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)

RTI is a technique that is now well established within conservation circles. It has been used on prehistoric rock-art and on ancient historical manuscripts to extract hidden details that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Most recently we used this technique to document the Phoenician Engravings at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tarxien Temples, Malta.

360 Degree

Equinox Digital offers 360-Degree panorama video and photography. Imagine being lead through the Catacombs of Rome on a virtual tour, or being able to immersive yourself in Tutankhamun’s tomb remotely.

3D Projection Mapping

At Equinox Digital we recognize the  potential benefits in combining 3D cultural heritage with projection mapping technology. One of our current projects involves the projection mapping of the Phoenician engravings from Tarxien Temple Complex onto the wall of historical Valletta, Malta.

We feel that this re-contextualizing of these ancient mysterious engravings will allow the public to engage with an element of their heritage in a fresh and visually aesthetic manner.