September 14, 2016

Virtual Reality

The 3D datasets generated from our documentation workflow can be incorporated directly into Virtual Reality platforms. Working closely with our partners at PlayMagic ltd, who are a Maltese based VR/Gaming company, we can provide a fully immersive experience of cultural heritage sites.

We envisage that this will be particularly useful when a site is inaccessible to the public, or when a site is so delicate that public access would be detrimental to its integrity. Applied in this scenario, VR would offer the public an engaging experience of the site in a non-invasive fashion.


Virtual Reality is a very powerful tool in terms of how we as a society engage with, and learn from our shared global heritage. There are times when a site is too environmentally fragile or inaccessible to allow public access. It is within this context that VR can offer an alternative.
Equinox offers a complete solution, we document the site, generate the 3D content, combine it with VR technology and present. For exhibition purposes we also provide the VR equipment!